GCG tries to provide girls a safe, secure and an affordable accommodation. The main motto of GCG hostel is to develop discipline, punctuality and regularity among the students so that they can become independent and self relevant in their lives. The hostel facility is provided within the college campus.

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  1. There are 75 rooms which accommodates 250 students every year.
  2. Hostel is architecturally and aesthetically laid with plenty of open space and lots of greenery.
  3. The rooms are well ventilated, comfortable, fitted with fans, lights and furniture.
  4. Each room has balcony and each block has corridors.
  5. There is availability of spacious dinning hall with the sitting capacity of around 100 students at a time with state of art kitchen equipments.
  6. The mess provides hygenic,fresh and balanced diet to the students.
  7. The mess runs at scheduled timings whole of day. The workers in the mess are cooperative and well behaved .
  8. Water filters and electric water coolers are provided for drinking quality water.
  9. All the washrooms are hygenic with the regular and proper cleaning by sweepers.
  10. Electric geysers and solar geysers are provided for the students.
  11. Hostel is provided with beautiful parks inside it .It has different types of flowers, trees where students enjoy nature’s beauty and experience freshness of greenery.
  12. A separate visitor room for parents and relatives is also available.
  13. The hostel students enjoy uninterrupted power supply in the hostel.
  14. Over the above a huge solar power project is installed to generate the electricity for the campus.
  15. A separate T.V room facility is also available, where the students assemble for watching T.V as per scheduled timings.
  16. Hostel has facility of indoor games.
  17. To maintain hygiene and cleanliness, sanitary incinerator is provided in upper block.
  18. Students are provided with the computer system, so students can use it for educational purposes.
  19. For the safety and security of the hostel care takers are on duty on day time and watchmen during night.
  20. There are many recreational activities which make the students more presentable and help them to be more confident.
  21. The resident students are encouraged to participate in cultural, social and recreational activities.
  22. Further, the senior students provide help to junior students.
  23. Students have to assemble for attendance daily.
  24. Hostel is taken care by the Warden who is assisted by hostel representatives.
  25. Above all there is very co-operative hostel committee who listens to the problem of students and solves them at an earliest under the guidance of the worthy college Principal Prof. Dr. Mohinder Kaur Grewal.

Above all, GCG provides a totally RAGGING FREE CAMPUS.