Legal Literacy Cell was established in our college in the session 2013-14 under the direction of Haryana State Legal Service Authority (HSLSA).The core purpose of this cell is to create legal awareness among young minds and to identify the problems of their fellow citizens in the neighborhood. As students are considered the future leaders so they are the best medicine to communicate between those in need. They are helpful in dissemination of information about legal aid programmes by creating legal awareness among the masses, and to make use of their potential and spirit for the cause of disadvantages and marginalized sections of the society and empathize and identify the problems of the people and make justice accessible to all.

At College level, we organize various activities of the club e.g. setting up rallies, making road shows, visits to slum areas, distributing leaf lets, pamphlets, study material etc. Declamation Contest, Paper Reading Contest, Poster Making, Delivering lectures, Slogan writing competition etc. to make the students responsible citizens of this country

Installation of Legal Literacy Cell:

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