The college has well-stocked library with adequate supply of textbooks, reference books and journals required by students and faculty members. It has a spacious reading room where both teachers and students can utilize their time to upgrade their knowledge.

Composition of the Library Advisory Committee:-

  1. Principal (Chairperson )
  2. Staff Council
  3. Two Professors from different departments:
  • Dr. Rakesh Kumar (Department of Hindi)
  • Dr. Sukhwinder Singh ( Department of Physics)

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 A library plays a vital role in every educational institute. Some of the relevant features in which the library expand the teaching-learning process are as follows:

  • The college library has over 70,000 text books, about 6000 reference books, 20 journals of various subjects, 37 magazines and 28 newspapers in languages Hindi, English and Punjabi.
  • College Library keeps record of these books through software for University Libraries (SOUL) which is the state-of-the-art library management software designed and developed by INFLIBNET.
  • Facility of reading room is given to the students which is situated above the college canteen. More than 100 students can easily sit in the reading room. In the basement of college library another reading room facility is provided to the PG students.
  • Book exhibitions are organized to make students aware of current affairs/issues, latest trends and technologies etc.
  • The stock is regularly updated and constant efforts are made to keep abreast of the latest academic developments. Teachers also get an opportunity to recommend books, which they need.
  • The library remains open from 9.00 A.M. to 3.30 P.M. on working days. It also remains open on vacations (five days) as well as during examination days, thus helping students in their preparations for exams.
  • The library has dedicated staffs which extend a helping hand to all the students in searching books especially to physically challenged students by getting them books issued on priority basis.
  • A Book Bank has been created from the equity grant provided by RUSA at departmental level for under privileged students.
  • There is a Braille corner in library for visually impaired students.
  • The teachers and students can get the books issued on their name for specified period and get them re-issued if required. Teachers are privileged to get the books issued for a longer period.
  • The college library has a reading room and separate reading section for teachers and students. Students and teachers regularly visit the library to keep themselves acquaint with the latest developments and enhance their subject knowledge.
  • Internet facility is available in the library. Downloaded copies of the university guidelines and syllabi are kept in the library. Teachers can get a copy of their subject’s syllabus.
  • The library of the college has been computerized with the help of INFLIBNET with N-LIST as e-resource. Reading rooms have been setup for the benefit of the students. Special book banks have also been created for the needy students
  • A suggestion box has been put up outside the library and students drop their suggestion slips in this box. The college library committee scrutinizes these suggestions from time to time and all efforts are made to implement the useful ones.
  •  Feedback register has been placed inside the library for the visitors, staff and students as well, to write down their feedback. The college library committee goes through the register at regular intervals and the required modifications and improvements are made accordingly.