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Learn to Serve

The college lays emphasis on providing quality education to girls of urban as well as rural class of the state and from the other parts of the country. It strongly believes in empowering the women in social and economic fields as well as takes care of the cultural developments of the students. The Vision and Mission of the college reflect in its motto "Learn to Serve", which aims at preparing the women to serve the society and the nation by transforming themselves into a complete person.

Our Vision

The college strives to become the standard of excellence in providing education by fostering creativity and intellect in student community. The vision of the college is enumerated as follows :

  • To lay emphasis on knowledge society, information society and learning society in emerging global trends with far reaching implication for the growth and development of the society.
  • Becoming more aware to the needs of the society and thus sharpen the skills with help of intuition, intellect, insight and innovation.
  • To have positive attitude towards technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the governance.

Our Mission

  • To provide high quality, affordable and accessible education to the women, irrespective of their class, colour, caste or creed by maintaining a perfect balance between tradition and modernity.
  • To enhance the strength of students through vocational programs and degrees in the state-of-the-art campus so that they become employable and fit for higher education.
  • To empower women through need based futuristic courses with entrepreneurial skills.
  • "Learn to Serve" so that the learners are able to serve the society and nation as well.
  • To produce good citizens by incorporating problem solving, leadership, teamwork and ethical teaching pattern in our curriculum pedagogy.

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