Programme Outcomes - Science

The knowledge of science is a pre-requisite to several inventions which have direct impact on the day to day activities of human life. Science is the way of helping the brain grow in exploring new knowledge and implement it in day to day life chores, so as to make life comfortable. The contribution of science in such activities is not a new phenomenon-for instance the invention of bulb by Thomas Edison and telephone by Alexander Graham Bell have great impacts on our life. The science graduates are thus assets to our society and the institutes must truly contribute in knowledge enhancement of students. With this objective in background, we inculcate basic understanding to our students in different subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry and Mathematics. The course curriculum for three years of UG and two years of PG programme (M.Sc Botany) is planned meticulously and taught as per the current education standards. The special emphasis is being given on practical classes, so as to impart hands on training to graduates and post graduates. While, the post graduates are trained to be entrepreneurs in Agro Industry products. The students are encouraged to pursue careers in academics especially for higher studies and are prepared to excel in competitive exams of national level like CISR-UGC and SET. Our students are equally competent to contribute in industries in public and private sector. The different career options for students include pharmaceutical companies, health care, hospital management and public health. Science has evolved to an extent where in current and forthcoming era almost 90 percent of career domains will be based on scientific input in future.

Course Outcomes:

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