Differently Abled Cell

Differently abled cell typically refers to a support center within a college that provides assistance and accommodations for students with disabilities. This can include services like accessible facilities, note-taking support, extended exam time, and more, to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to succeed in their education. This dedicated cell of our college serves as a bridge between the college's administration, faculty, and students with disabilities, ensuring that they can fully participate in all aspects of academic and extracurricular life.


Date Activity Resource Person No. of Students Attended Description
11-02-2023 First interaction in new session. Mrs. Aneeta Sharma 12 First interaction with students in new session 2022-2023. Introduction of newly admitted students in new academic year.
21-02-2023 and 22-02-2023 Students of differently abled cell participation in race on Annual sports meet.   All members of differently abled cell. 80th Annual sports meet were organized in our college on 21st and 22nd February 2023. Students of differently abled cell participated in race. Muskan first, Mehak second and Pooja bagged third prize. 
25-02-2023 Old Student Association Annual function. Lawyer Deepti Saluja 10 Well known Lawyer Deepti Saluja GCG Alumni was honored for her unmatched contribution for the upliftment of the differently abled people. She herself is Physically Challenged but a pillar of strength for many. Old Student association honored her on 25th Feb. 2023
23-04-2023 Annual Convocation   All members of differently abled cell. GCG alumni attended annual convocation. Sharing their happiness with Mrs. Anita Sharma in charge Differently Cell after getting Degrees.  

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