Code of Conduct - Faculty


The Institution has setup a disciplinary committee with some representatives of faculty and student council who are responsible for the maintenance of discipline in the college. Disciplinary committee takes care of these issues and has the right to take strict actions especially on ragging, drug addiction, misbehaviour with members of council, weaving indecent dresses or unnecessary jewellery, exit from campus before gating, bunking of lectures, usage of unfair means in exams, any harm or damage of government property in college premises, creating indiscipline in campus, throwing of rubbish in front of canteen or anywhere in the college campus.


  1. If the scholars disobey the above rules, first they will be warned and their misconduct will also be recorded in conduct register, but if they will perform any massive offense then they will be suspended from the college on temporary/ permanent basis.
  2. On negligence of rules for the second time, committee will interrogate against those and they have to pay heavy fine and college will suspend those students on temporary/ permanent basis.
  3. If same type of indiscipline is created by the students for the third time, written enquiry will be conducted against them and their names will be struck off from college records immediately and it will also be mentioned in their character certificate.
  4. The Committee has the right to take final decision. Students are themselves responsible to inform their parents regarding these proceedings of committee.

Important Information:

  1. No student will be sent out of the college for any tuition /training or special class during college hours.
  2. It is compulsory for the students that they have driving license of their own vehicle (such as car, scooter) and also they have insurance of their vehicle.
  3. It is compulsory for the students to wear helmet while driving two wheelers.
  4. It is instructed to students not to bring any valuables. The College will not be responsible in case of theft of such valuables.
  5. The College will not be responsible for theft of any valuables in vehicles in the parking zone. The students are advised not to keep any valuables in their vehicles in the parking zone.
  6. The students will not use vehicles for sitting purpose during the college hours or their free periods.
  7. The students who are found to be involved in the act of ragging will be rusticated as per the instructions of the Honourable Supreme Court.
  8. The parents can't meet their children in the class during college hours however, they can contact reception counter for it.
  9. The various programmes are organized for the all round development of personality of the students in the college. These programmes are compulsory to be attended by the students. They will be fined heavily in case of their absence.

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