Anti-Drug Society

"Drugs Are Not Dope, They Can’t Help You Cope."

The aim of an anti-drug society in college is to promote a positive and drug-free environment among students. It seeks to raise awareness about the harmful effects of drug abuse, provide support to those struggling with substance use, and foster a sense of community to discourage drug-related activities. Through education, events, and outreach programs, the society aims to empower students to make informed and responsible choices, promoting overall well-being and a healthy campus culture. It also provides awareness on how to ‘Say no to drugs’.


Teachers: 10

Student members: 100


Date Event No of Teachers No of Students  
12-08-2022 Pledge against Drugs 150 2000  
07-10-2022 Poster Making Competition 6 20  
08-10-2022 Essay Writing Competition 6 25  
02-11-2022 Rally 8 150  
23-11-2022 Mehandi Competition 5 20  
13-01-2023 Awareness campaign in the village 'Chak Sarwan Nath' 2 25  
27-03-2023 Participation in the Marathon 8 100  

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