Code of Conduct - Students


  1. To change subject /stream:
  2. The students can get the permission to change their subjects or stream (only from commerce and science stream to arts stream) within 15 days of start of their respective classes. For this purpose, the consent of their respective teachers and parents is required in form of an application.
  3. Before change of any subject(s) it is necessary for the student that she has attended at least 10 lectures of the subject she wants to change otherwise she will not get the permission to do so.
  4. The subject(s) can be changed only for once.
  5. The student who wants to change her subject(s) will be given permission to do so only for those subjects for which the respective seat is vacant as per the groups of subject opted by college.
  6. In any circumstances not more than 2 subjects will be permitted to change.

Important Note:

No student will be permitted to change her subject /stream after August 7, 2017.

  1. To leave college /to get the name struck out:
  2. The student who wants to leave the college, she has to give a hand written application for this purpose.
  3. Such application should contain the signatures of her parents/guardians.
  4. All the fee changes, funds and fines will be charged from the respective students until she get her name struck off by giving application for it.
  5. After taking the admission, the student who wants to leave the college will not get the refund of fee and other funds.
  6. Rule for taking leave:
  7. No student will be sent out of the college for any tuition /training or special class during college hours.
  8. The application for leave can be taken in a prescribed Performa which can be taken from college office.
  9. The consent of parents is required for such application.
  10. The approval for taking leave is required for availing it in normal circumstances.
  11. (a) The approval of tutor is necessary to take 5 days leave for any urgent work or due to the sickness.

(b) For 5 to 10 days leave, the approval of tutor and senior tutor is required.

(c) For more than 10 days leave, the approval of tutor, senior tutor and principal is required.

  1. The student will have to attach the medical certificate issued by MBBS/MD Doctor with leave application form if she remains absent for more than a week due to sickness.
  2. Any application which is approved by the authorities due to any urgent work or sickness will not be used for any other purpose. It will provide relaxation only to some extent in dues payment.
  3. Absenteeism from college:
  4. If any student remains absent consistently for 7 days or 3 tutorial groups without getting approval or submission of an application for leave, her name will be struck off.
  5. Such student can take readmission within 15 days with permission of principal by paying admission fee.
  6. Only one chance will be given for readmission.
  7. Such student will not get the benefit of attendance during the period for which her name was struck off.
  8. House Examination:
  9. It is necessary for every student to appear and pass in the house examinations.
  10. To appear in university examinations it is necessary to obtain at least 25% marks out of total marks of house examinations.
  11. The student will not be issued the roll no. for university examinations if she remains absent in house examinations and doesn't fulfill all the required conditions.
  12. The student using unfair means in house examinations will be fined Rs.500 and such student will not be given admission next year."
  13. Internal Assessment:-
  14. 10% internal assessment will be given for each subject for each semester in undergraduate classes which will be based on marks obtained by student in different class tests (5%), the project work or assignments (3%) and attendance (2%),
  15. 20% internal assessment be given for each subject for each semester of post graduate classes which will be based on written assignment (5%), snap test (5%), the participation in class discussions (3%), term paper (5%) and attendance (2%).
  16. The students who migrated from other colleges after house examinations will themselves be responsible for their internal assessment.
  17. Attendance:-

For appearing in university examinations at least 75% attendance is compulsory in each subject both in written and practical examinations for student otherwise such student will be detained.


  1. It is the personal responsibility of parents/guardians to get information about house examinations or attendance of their ward.
  2. If any student gets late admission due to late result then her lectures will be considered from the date of admission.
  3. The leave of any type (either sick or urgent) doesn't compensate the lecture shortage. It provides relaxation only in fine.
  4. Conditions to appear in University Examinations:

Students are required to fulfill following conditions in order to appear in annual examinations:

  1. In house test, minimum 25% marks must be scored in total otherwise student will be detained.
  2. Minimum 75% attendance is compulsory in each subject (written and practical separately)

The student who will not fulfill the above mentioned conditions won't be allowed to appear in annual examinations as a regular student but she can appear as a private candidate if she fulfills other required conditions of the university.


  1. According to the rules of the Panjab University, students having practical subjects in science, commerce and arts faculty cannot appear privately.
  2. Being a private candidate, it would be the responsibility of the student herself to apply to the university.
  3. Under semester system, it is compulsory to fill university examination form in each semester. It would be the personal responsibility of the student to fill the examination form.
  4. College Uniform:-
  5. It is compulsory for the students to wear white uniform on every Monday and different events of the college. The colour of dupattas of undergraduate and post graduate students would be blood red and bottle green respectively.
  6. The students will wear black cardigans and white uniform in winters.
  7. Library card and Identity Card:-
  8. During admission, library card having photo and identity card to hang in neck, both will be issued to each student.
  9. It is compulsory for the students to carry these cards in college campus; otherwise strict action would be taken against the students.
  10. In case these cards are lost then it is compulsory (to file FIR) to report in police station and a copy of the same shall be submitted to the college and fine must be paid for re- issuance of these cards.
  11. Students must have library cards while entering library or while issuing books.
  12. Tutorial Group:-
  13. All students of the college are divided into small tutorial groups in order to increase interaction among the students and the teachers.
  14. A teacher would be the tutor of each group. The meeting of these tutorial groups will be held on every Monday.
  15. It is compulsory for the students to be present in these meetings.
  16. The student's name will be struck off in case she doesn't attend 3 consecutive tutorial meetings.
  17. College Assembly:-
  18. On every Monday, the assembly will be held for students.
  19. The announcements for important achievements, events of the college etc. are made during the assembly.
  20. Attendance of all the students is compulsory in it.

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