(Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan Cell)

     Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS), launched in 2013 aims at providing strategic funding to eligible state higher educational institutions to address issues of equity, access and excellence in higher education. The central funding (in the ratio of 60:40 for general category States, 90:10 for special category states and 100% for union territories) is norm based and outcome dependent.
     RUSA places greater emphasis on the improvement of the quality of teaching-learning processes in order to produce employable and competitive graduates, post-graduates and PhDs. Spread across two plan periods (XII and XIII), the programme focuses on state higher educational institutions and draws upon the best practices from colleges and universities across the nation.
     The first phase of the scheme was launched in 2013 and the second phase was launched in 2018. Now, in the light of the National Education Policy, RUSA scheme has been re-launched as Pradhan Mantri Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (PM-USHA).
Under various RUSA schemes our college received a total grant of  4,21,92,963/- The details of the grants are given below:

Govt. College for Girls, Ludhiana
Summary of Grant Received by the College under RUSA Scheme

S. No. Name of the Component Central Share Approved (Rs. Crore) Central Share Released (Rs. Crore) Central Share Utilised State Share Approved State Share Released State Share Utilised Total Amount Approved (Rs. Crore) Total Amount Released (Rs. Crore) Total Amount Utilised (Rs. Crore)
1 UPEC 2,60,00000/- 2,60,00000/- 2,60,00000/- 1,40,00,000/- 1,40,00,000/- 1,40,00,000/- 4,00,00,000/- 4,00,00,000/- 4,00,00,000/-
2 Equity Initiative  3,25,000/-  3,25,000/-  3,25,000/- 1,75,000/- 1,75,000/- 1,75,000/- 5,00,000/- 5,00,000/- 5,00,000/-
3 VOC 6,17,500/- 6,17,500/- 6,17,500/- 8,25,463/- 8,25,463/- 8,25,463/- 14,42,963/- 14,42,963/- 14,42,963/-
4 MMER 1,62,500/- 1,62,500/- 1,62,500/- 87,500/- 87,500/- 87,500/- 2,50,000/- 2,50,000/- 2,50,000/-
    2,71,05,000/- 2,71,05,000/- 2,71,05,000/- 1,50,87,963/- 1,50,87,963/- 1,50,87,963/- 4,21,92,963/- 4,21,92,963/- 4,21,92,963/-


Projects Undertaken Under RUSA UPEC Scheme
(Up-gradation of Existing Degree Colleges to Model Degree Colleges)

1. Creation of New Facilities (35% of Total Budget) Amount 1,40,00,000/-
Name of the project Status
Construction of RUSA Block Completed
Construction of Seminar Hall Completed
2. Renovation / Upgradation of Existing Facilities (35% of Total Budget) Amount 1,40,00,000/-
Name of the project Status
Renovation of College Labs Completed
Renovation of Lecture Rooms & Corridors Completed
Iron Grills and Barbed wires of college boundary Completed
Air Conditioning of Auditorium Completed
Renovation of Hostel Completed
Renovation of College Library Completed
Construction of Ramp Completed
3. Purchase of New Equipments and Creation of New Facilities (30% of Total Budget) Amount 1,20,00,000/-
Equipment for Smart Class Rooms Purchased
Equipment for Science Labs Purchased
Equipment  for Arts Labs Purchased
Books & Journals  For Library Purchased
Levelling of Track & Sports Ground Completed


Projects Undertaken Under RUSA EQUITY INITIATIVE Scheme

Book Bank for Economically Weaker Students Completed
Wheel Chairs for Physically Disabled Students Completed
Water Cooler in Hostel Completed
Sanitary Napkin Incinerator for Hostel Students Completed
Reading Room for Students Completed

 Projects Undertaken Under VOC Scheme

Establishment of Finishing School = 2,50,000/-
Establishment of  Finishing School Completed
Furniture for Finishing School Completed
Computer and IT Equipment for Finishing School Completed

 Projects Undertaken Under RUSA MMER

Furniture for RUSA Room Completed


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