Clubs and Socities


NCC (National Cadet Corps) is a tri-service organization consists of Army, Navy and Air Force which is committed to train the young minds and instills in them the quality of bravery and self-discipline. Our college started NCC with a view to contribute the service to nation and impart army training to youth in future. We have fully functional NCC Unit which is duly affiliated with 3 Punjab Girls Battalion, Ludhiana under the able supervision of enthusiastic and dedicated Associate NCC Officer Lt. Jasdeep Kaur. We have two platoons of NCC Army wing with total permitted strength of 107 cadets (including 1st, 2nd and 3rd year).


Aim of NCC: The NCC aims at developing character, comradeship, discipline, a secular outlook, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service amongst young citizens. Further, it aims at creating a pool of organized, trained and motivated youth with leadership qualities in all walks of life and make them always available for the service of the nation.

Duration of NCC Training Program: The duration of NCC training program is 3 Years. During the program, candidates get the basic military training. The basic aim of this training is to develop the interest of youth in Indian Armed Forces.

Training Activities:

1) Institutional Training: It is conducted in colleges by Associate NCC Officer and Armed Forces personnel to cover the NCC syllabus comprising of Common Subjects and Service subjects. It includes basic military training to the cadets as part of the curriculum.
2) Camp Training: The basic aim of camps is to introduce cadets to a regimented way of life. It is mandatory for the cadets to attend minimum of two camps during the period of their enrollment. The various types of camps conducted by NCC are as follows:
  • Annual Training Camps
  • Centrally Organized camps
  • National Integration Camps
  • Leadership Camps
  • Thal Sainik Camp
  • Nau Sainik Camp
  • Vayu Sainik Camp
  • Rock Climbing Training Camp

Certificates & Examinations: There are 2 certificate exams in NCC for Senior Wing Cadets i.e ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate exams.


2022-23 21.06.2022 International Yoga Day Brahma Kumari 60 International Yoga Day was celebrated at Guru Nanak stadium, Ludhiana by NCC cadets. The event began at morning 6:00 am and summed up at 8:00 am. It was organized by an NGO named Brahma kumari which spreads awareness for mental fitness.
2022-23 24.06.2022 Tribute to Mahavir Chakra Awardee 3 PB(G) BN NCC, LDH 20 An event was organized to pay homage to Mahaveer Chakra Awardee Major Bhupinder Singh who made supreme sacrifice during the Indo-Pak War 1965. The event was held  at Nehru Rose garden, Ludhiana and attended by Ludhiana Group Commander Brigadier Jasjit Ghuman, Commanding Officers of different units, NCC Officers as well as cadets. The programme icluded paying floral tribute, Wreath-laying ceremony, with perfotmances of patriotic songs and poems. 
2022-23 25.06.2022 Anti Drug Pledge NCC Dept of GCG 55 Considering the urgent need to convey the dangerous implications of menace of drugs to youth, a pledge was taken by NCC cadets against drugs. Rally was driven by them while spreading awareness to people " Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs". Posters were made by Cadets depicting the harms of consuming drugs. 
2022-23 10.08.2022 Puneet Sagar Abhiyaan (Rally against Plastic)  NCC Dept of GCG 41 In order to reduce the plastic consumption and acquainting the young minds regarding their responsibility towards plastic pollution, a rally was organized by NCC department of GCG in collaboration with 3 PB(G)BN NCC. The rally was flagged off by Madam Principal Mrs Suman Lata. Cadets made posters and raised slogans on the theme 'Say No to Plastic'. Cadets interacted with shopkeepers and sensitized the people about challenges posed by increasing volume of plastic waste in the world environment. The campaign was conducted under the theme 'Puneet Sagar Abhiyaan'.
2022-23 13.08.2022 Har Ghar Tiranga NCC Dept of GCG 88 A campaign initiated by Government of India on the eve of 75th Independence day of  India "Har ghar Tiranga Event" was organised at GCG's RUSA Seminar Hall under the aegis"Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav" where  NCC cadets particpated in various activities such as declamation and  patriotic group song. It was collaborated with NSS and Red Ribbon Society of the college. The idea behind the initiative was to invoke the feeling of patriotism in the hearts of youth and to promote the awareness about Indian National Flag.
2022-23 25.08.2022 Tree Plantation  NCC Dept of GCG 25 A tree plantation drive was organised in college in collaboaration with the Saragarhi Foundation on the eve of 125th year of the remembrance of the Battle of Saragarhi. Various saplings were planted by NCC Cadets in the name of 21 sikh soldiers martyred at in Saka Saragarhi.The Chief Guest of the day was Brigadier (retd.) Mastinder Singh. Many other dignitaries of Saragarhi foundation were present. The main motive of the planting saplings was to connect the young generation with the glorious history of the heroic martyrs and keep the environment pure and clean. The College Principal Mrs. Suman Lata ji appreciated the efforts put in by Saragarhi Foundation and presented them with saplings as a token of gratitude.
2022-23 11.09.2022 Saragarhi Day NCC Dept of GCG 60 Saragarhi day was celebrated in RUSA Seminar Hall at GCG, Ludhiana in collaboration with Saragarhi Foundation on the eve of 125th year of remembrance of Battle of Saragarhi where 21sikh soldiers sacrificed their lives. Chairman of Saragarhi Foundation Gurinderpal Singh Josan, Retired Brigadier Mastinder Singh, retired Col RK Jain, Col DS Grewal and members of staff council of college graced the occassion with their presence. Certificates and Prizes were awarded among the winners of Battle of Saragarhi's painting competition. Family of brave sikh soldier Sepoy Gurmukh Singh who sacrificed his life in the battle also gave their valuable presence. Books were distributed among the audience based on the Battle of Saragarhi.
2022-23 28.09.2022 Birth Anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh  NCC Dept of GCG 75 Birth anniversary of Shaheed-e-azam Sardar Bhagat Singh was celebrated at RUSA Seminar Hall, GCG in collaboration with youth club, NSS, Rotaract club, Red cross Society of college. Patriotic songs were sung by students Also patriotic poems were recited on that day. Declamation competition was held. Certificates were given to appreciate the efforts of participants. Madam Principal Mrs. Suman Lata Ji was the chief guest of the event.
2022-23 19.10.22 Cleanliness Drive under Puneet Sagar Abhiyaan  NCC Dept of GCG 75 75 cadets from our college conducted an event under the banner Puneet Sagar Abhiyan on 19.10.22. NCC Cadets visited Sidhwan Canal, a water stream which passes through Ludhiana district . The objective of this drive was to spread awareness amongst nearby residents  regarding ill effects of dumping waste in canal and collecting the plastic waste. The campaign was undertaken under the stewardship of Col Aman Yadav, College Principal Mrs Suman Lata and Associate NCC Officer Lt. Jasdeep Kaur.
2022-23 08.05.2023 Online Awareness Workshop on G-20 NCC Dept of GCG 77 An online workshop on the theme G-20 was organized by the NCC Dept of college in collaboration with 3 PB (G) BN NCC,LDH to create awareness among college students about G20 and what the presidency means to the country. Mr. Gurmeet Singh, Assistant Professor in Economics was the resource person of the event. He emphasized more on the theme G20 i.e "One Earth, One Family, One Future" and also on India's priorities towards global issues. The College Principal Mrs. Suman Lata ji appreciated the efforts put in by NCC Dept.
2022-23 12.05.2023 Celebration of 25 Years of Pokhran Second Nuclear Test 3 PB BN NCC,Ldh 15 The NCC Unit 3 PB BN NCC, Ludhiana organized one day exhibition to celebrate 25 years of Pokhran Second Nuclear Test. The theme of the event was 'Peaceful use of Nuclear Energy for the Development of the Nation'. After the opening address of Commanding Officer Col Naresh, presentations on the Nuclear Energy and Nuclear power plants were given by ANOs and Cadets. The movie was screened to the cadets on the Pokhran Nuclear Test. Cadets also particpated in Quiz competition.  A Poster making competition was also organized through which cadets depicted the importance of energy in a very creative manner.


National Service Scheme is an Indian Government sector public service program conducted by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of Government of India, the scheme was launched in Gandhiji’s Centenary year in 1969. It provides opportunity to the student youth of India to take part in various government led community service activities and programmes.

At GCG, 3 NSS units receive around 300 NSS Volunteers every year. The volunteers get opportunities to participate and actively contribute towards various drives and initiatives taken by the NSS units. During the session 2022-23,  the NSS (Girls wing) president Shagun Sharma  was selected for the prestigious Pre–Republic Day (PRD) camp. Volunteers (Sejal Sharma, Arshdeep Kaur and Taniya Malkoti) got the opportunity to attend National Integration Camp.

Motto of NSS: "Not Me, But You"

Objectives of NSS:
To develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.

To build the youth with the mind and spirit to serve the society and work for the social upliftment of the down-trodden masses of the nation.

Mission: It is to improve the youth to serve the society and nation and to promote education through community service. Further it identifies the needs and problems of community and finding solution with intent to promote national integration and social harmony.  

Components of NSS:

NSS Programme Officer, NSS Volunteer and Community are considered the three basic components of the NSS.

  • NSS Programme Officer is a member of the teaching faculty who provides necessary leadership to the NSS students.
  • NSS Volunteer is a self motivated college student.
  • Community provides NSS volunteer the first-hand knowledge of living conditions of masses.

Classification of NSS Activities:

NSS activities have been divided in two major groups. These are regular NSS activities and special camping programmes.

  • Regular NSS Activity: Under this, students engaged in various programmes in the college campus. NSS unit organizes visits to Adopted Village and Old age homes during week-ends or after college hours is another activity performed by NSS Volunteers. Further, Dramas and Nukkad Natak are also performed by Volunteers to spread awareness on various burning issues. Hallmark Activities performed by NSS UNIT are as follow:
  1. Blood donation camps
  2. Plantation Drive
  3. Cleanliness Drive
  4. Awareness Campaign
  5. Survey in Village
  • Special Camping Programme: Under this, camps of 7 days duration are organized in adopted villages or college campus during vacation with some specific projects by involving local communities. 50% NSS volunteers are expected to participate in these camps.

Terms of NSS:

Under the NSS Programme any student of the college can opt for NSS provided she is not enrolled in NCC. Volunteers are required to render service for a minimum 120 hours per year under regular activities and are also required to participate in at least one 7 day special camping programme every year. The Special Camping Programme will be treated as separate project and the hours of work put in those programmes will be accounted separately and they will not be included in the 120 hours of normal NSS activities. A, B and C certificates are earned by the students after the completion of first, second and third year of service, respectively.


2022-2023 Program Officers (Teachers) Office Bearers 252
3 27

Session Date Topic of Activity No. of Students Attended Description
2022-23  20.08.2022 VANMOHATSAV 50 NSS Volunteers undertook plantation drive in the view to protect and conserve environment. Teachers highlighted the importance of environment conservation and motivated students to take necessary steps to ensure sustainable development.
28.09.22 BLOOD DONATION CAMP 43 An event was organized to encourage NSS Volunteers to donate blood for the noble cause.
03.10.2022 FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 52 Considering the importance of our health. NSS Volunteers actively performed various fitness activities.
14.11.2022 CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATIONS 27 On the occasion of Children’s Day, NSS Volunteers went to nearby Anganwadis and interacted with children regarding importance of this day and told about Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru’s love with children, they keenly participated in the activity and sung poems too. Tiffins were distributed at the end.
12.01.2022 DRUG ADDICTION AND SWACHH BHARAT 53 Slogan making, Poster making & Essay writing competition was organized on the topic- Drug Addiction & Swachh Bharat. NSS Volunteers prepared effective slogans & posters with a message to curb the excessive usage of drugs among youth. Thoughts were put into words by volunteers & essays were written to promote Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
14-01-23 SURVEY CONDUCTED IN ADOPTED VILLAGE 70 Survey was conducted in adopted village to create awareness among villagers regarding personal hygiene during menstruation.
01.01.23-31.01.23 CLEANLINESS DRIVE AND HANGING OF BIRD FEEDERS 64 To protect and conserve the environment, Bird feeders were hanged in adopted village and Cleanliness drive was run throughout the college.
01-03-2023 SKIT BASED ON ZERO DISCRIMINATIONDAY 30 In Skit NSS Volunteers addressed the grave issue of Racial Discrimination and gave the message regarding the significance of equality in the society. They depicted how racial discrimination is being practiced in the different sectors and how it affects the mental health of individuals prone to such stereotypical behavior.
27-03-23 RUN FOR ENVIRONMENT AND HUMANITY 56 A marathon was organized on Run for Environment and Humanity. Sh. Gurpreet Bassi Gogi, MLA representing the Ludhiana West Assembly was the chief guest and college students & whole staff was part of this marathon. Students made effective posters & slogans with a message to save environment.
21-06-23 YOGA DAY 32 NSS Volunteers enthusiastically participated along with NCC Cadets to celebrate International Yoga Day.

Differently Abled Cell

Differently abled cell typically refers to a support center within a college that provides assistance and accommodations for students with disabilities. This can include services like accessible facilities, note-taking support, extended exam time, and more, to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to succeed in their education. This dedicated cell of our college serves as a bridge between the college's administration, faculty, and students with disabilities, ensuring that they can fully participate in all aspects of academic and extracurricular life.


Date Activity Resource Person No. of Students Attended Description
11-02-2023 First interaction in new session. Mrs. Aneeta Sharma 12 First interaction with students in new session 2022-2023. Introduction of newly admitted students in new academic year.
21-02-2023 and 22-02-2023 Students of differently abled cell participation in race on Annual sports meet.   All members of differently abled cell. 80th Annual sports meet were organized in our college on 21st and 22nd February 2023. Students of differently abled cell participated in race. Muskan first, Mehak second and Pooja bagged third prize. 
25-02-2023 Old Student Association Annual function. Lawyer Deepti Saluja 10 Well known Lawyer Deepti Saluja GCG Alumni was honored for her unmatched contribution for the upliftment of the differently abled people. She herself is Physically Challenged but a pillar of strength for many. Old Student association honored her on 25th Feb. 2023
23-04-2023 Annual Convocation   All members of differently abled cell. GCG alumni attended annual convocation. Sharing their happiness with Mrs. Anita Sharma in charge Differently Cell after getting Degrees.  

Career Counselling, Guidance and Placement Cell

Government College for Girls Ludhiana has a dynamic Career Counselling cell that organizes various Career Counselling, Guidance and Placement related activities. The cell with the help of District bureau of employment enterprises (DBEE), agencies and institutes organizes various interactive and knowledgeable workshops and seminars to enlighten the students about various career opportunities in public as well as private sector. Students are provided with valuable insights about various competitive exams that can help them in attaining a successful career. The placement cell organizes various “On” and “Off” campus drives with the help of various banks and companies like Bajaj finserv, OM Careers etc. The cell has a dedicated team which helps the students to develop employment skills. The students are also imparted knowledge to improve their communication skills which is an integral element to prosper in professional world. Several industrial visits have also been arranged for the overall development of the students.

Composition: Collaboration of Students Team and College Authorities

  • Dr. Parminder Gill
  • Dr. Gurmeet Singh
  • Smriti Gumber
  • Nidhi Dawar
  • Vani Lumba
  • Shweta Miglani
  • Priyanka Dhir
Post Bearers:
  • Tanya Singh (President)
  • Yashika Sama (Vice President)
  • Mansi (Secretary)
  • Sukhpreet Kaur (Joint Secretary)
  • Alka and Prachi (Treasurer)
  • Bhumika Thakur, Kashish (IT Head)
  • Megha and Harman (Reporting Head)
  • Neha, Prachi, Sukhpreet Kaur (Discipline Head)
  • Alka, Amisha (Creative Head)
  • Neha, Prachi, Sukhpreet Kaur (Hospitality Convener)

Year Name of the Activity and Resource Person No. of Students Attended Date of Event Description
2022-23 Workshop on the awareness regarding finincal frauds by Mr. Manoj Das & Mr. Amrit Gumber.  500 16-09-2022 A workshop was organized by CAREER COUNSELLING AND PLACEMENT CELL in which guest speakers were Mr. Manoj Das, Mr. Amit Gumber, Mr. Vipin Jain from HDFC Bank. They  discussed about VIGIL AUNTY, INTERNATIONAL FRAUDS, UPI FRAUDS, FAKE HELPLINE NUMBERS, SIM SWAP FRAUD, SKIMMING.
How to prepare yourself for the World of Work by Dr. Nidhi Singhi. 100 30-09-2022 Dr. Nidhi Singhi Career Counsellor at DBEE has discussed about the choice of career with the students regarding government jobs, private jobs and entrepreneurship and shared that our chief minister BHAGWANT MANN launches massive recruitment drive to provide 26,454 government jobs to the young youth. She taught some steps to follow for the government job or how to prepare for the government job to the students.
Career planning and how to get government jobs by Dr. Nidhi Singhi. 150 01-02-2023 The objective of the session was to create awareness among students about the lucrative career options available in the field in the field of Commerce and Management. It was a very informative session where students gained a lot of knowledge about upcoming exams, jobs, curriculum, salary packages and all the related topics. The session was a great guidance for the students. 
Expert talk under "Khwaaishan di Udaan" at DBEE by Dr. Nidhi and her team of DBEE. 53 03-02-2023 'Khwaaishan di Udaan' organized by Punjab Ghar Ghar Rozgar and Karobar Mission PGRKM related to Skill training programs undergoing in Punjab Skill Development Mission. Guidance regarding various employment related schemes of the government.
Idea generation by Er. Shilpa Miglani. 150 08-02-2023 The objective of the Idea Generation workshop was to highlight the various aspects to be considered while starting out sustainable and scalable businesses. She encouraged students to think of the various problems faced by society and spoke about generating ideas that would be viable as businesses. Idea generation competition was also conducted on the spot.
Placement drive by OM CAREERS by Ms. Aarveen. 30 24-02-2023 Om Careers had conducted a mega campus drive in which Ms. Aarveen firstly guided the students regarding Company and job profile. Then one to one interview was conducted in which 28 students appeared ad 11 students were shortlisted for 2nd round of interview with Directors. 8 students cleared the 2nd round and got finally placed.
Punjab youth leadership program by Gurjeet Singh Sandu. 100 28-02-2023 GCG has signed an MOU with Sanjhi Sikhiya Foundation under which a seminar on "Punjab young leader program" by Gurjeet Singh Sandhu Co-founder of the NPO announced a fellowship based on stipend 20000/pm. 
DBEE registration camp at GCG by Dr.Nidhi and her team. 62 01-03-2023 DBEE team conducted a registration and awareness camp in the GCG premises. In which the resource person discussed the benefits of getting registered under employment exchange .Being a registered applicant, the candidate is eligible for sponsorship for trainings / coaching under different Govt. schemes. During camp, 62 students were successfully registered under the exchange and got their empoyment card on the spot.
How to make money grow by CA H.S Kharbanda.  77 04-03-2023 4 hour workshop on topic how to make money grow was conducted wherein speaker talked about various financial instruments, what are the risks and return options available with various financial instruments. He also discussed why and how should students start investing early in their age so as to enjoy maximum return in future. 77 students from BBA 1st and 2nd year, BCOM 1st and BA economics 1st year participated.
Effective public speaking by Mrs. Abha Bajaj Sikri soft skill trainer and communication specialist. 120 07-03-2023 2 day workshop on topic 'EFFECTIVE PUBLIC SPEAKING' was conducted wherein speaker explains and demonstrated in how to speacialize in art of public speaking. She explains influence of communication and public speaking and then also conducted various activities to teach students how to communicate effectively in personal and business communication. 118 students from BBA, BCOM and BA music of 1st year participated.
Office Automation Tools workshop by Dr. Gurdas Singh.
(Assistant Professor) 
78 09-03-2023 Department of Computer Science in collaboration with Career counselling and placement cell organized a Workshop on Office Automation Tools Using MS-Word on 09.03.2023 at Government College for Girls, Ludhiana by Dr. Gurdas Singh, Assistant Professor Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Ludhiana.
Industrial visit to Arisht Spinning Mills.
(Baddi, Himachal Pradesh)
47 14-03-2023 47 students from BBA Final and 2nd year participated. Started from Ludhiana 7:30 am in the morning and reached plant at 12:00 noon. Students made a visit to manufacturing plant and understood how manufacturing takes place starting from raw material to finished products. 


Women Forum and Legal Literacy

Women, a most sensitive and delicate form of human being- more sociable, sensitive, warm, compassionate, polite, anxious, self-doubling, and more open to aesthetics. Women if today are not shy in speaking up their mind and are known as wonderful communicators, negotiators and statesman. Women have the ability to make better deal and personal engagements with people due to their impressive personality and unmatched art of oratory.
Women club or forum is a great help to the young girl as this society help and motivates the young students how to be active, smart and confident. By inviting great personalities like IPS officers, IAS officers, D.C. of the city like Dr. Guillayati, or Dr. Suman gynecologist, various business women, journalists, speakers, politicians, and professors are invited in the college for girls and their lectures motivate them and their personalities and make them knowledgeable that how these women’s have achieved their place in society and how they are giving back their best for young generation.
Legal literacy is equally important club or society. These types of clubs help to students and people in availing benefits from social welfare and other department. Justice is the corner stone and fundamental goal of every civilized nation. The chief purpose of law is justice which replicates in an orderly advancement of a given society. Lack of knowledge about the basic legal and civil liberties, human rights, constitutional directives that protect the dignity, liberty and freedom of people manifests itself in the society in the form of problems. To create legal awareness amongst the women, women should be aware of the laws of the land. Clubs in colleges are expected not only to boost legal literacy but will also help in strengthening the capacity of youth to effectively advocate for human rights and access to justice for vulnerable population. Great personalities like chief judicial personality S.PRABHJOT SINGH PALKI guided the students for women rights , and their position in society, also he created awareness about the legal rights.
So such kind of lectures helps students to know their legal rights. 


Session: 2022-23
Date Name of the Activity Resource Person Details Collaborating  Unit No. of Teachers No. of Students Brief Summary of the Activities
08-03-2023 International Women Day Dr. Gitanjali Kaur,
Dr. Bhawana
Sachdeva,                  Dr.Vidhu Modgill,                        Dr. Ginny Gupta
Women Safety and Legal Literacy Cell 6 1000 On 8th March, 2023, on the occasion of international Women's Day, Government College for Girls, Ludhiana organized and event in the Rusa Seminar hall of the campus. The event was organized by the Incharge of Women Cell and Head of the department of Fine Arts Ms. Mandeep Dua, along with incharge teachers of women cell Ms. Nirmal Kaur, Ms. Neelima, Ms. Deepika, Ms. Anita . The event emphasized on the very occasion of the day where music performances and poetry recitations by officials was performed. There was a Poster making competition organized by the fine arts department where students participated and viewed their visions over "the role of women in the society" and were honored with prizes by Respected Principal Ma'am Ms. Kirpal Kaur. The competition was judged by Ms. Parminder Kaur and Ms. Jaspreet Kaur. The students who bagged prizes were, Surbhi from B.A. 2nd year holding first position, Gurleen and Hargun from M.A.-II Fine Arts were bracketed 2nd position holders, Gursharan Kaur and Vaishali from M.A.-I were both declared 3rd and Poornima from M.A.-II and Disksha from M.A.-I shared the consolation prize position. The posters were displayed in the exhibition outside the hall along with the books and poetries. This event summed up to be very informative and entertaining for all the students and staff members and the power of women was celebrated.
16-02-2023 Poster Making Competition Ramanjeet Bhatti,                     Kiran Gupta Women Safety and Legal Literacy Cell 6 100 Women Power-Boon Or Bane
27-03-2023 Rally On Save Tree Save Environment   Women Safety and Legal Literacy Cell 6 100  
27-03-2023 Beti Padho Beti Bachao              6 100  

Anti-Drug Society

"Drugs Are Not Dope, They Can’t Help You Cope."

The aim of an anti-drug society in college is to promote a positive and drug-free environment among students. It seeks to raise awareness about the harmful effects of drug abuse, provide support to those struggling with substance use, and foster a sense of community to discourage drug-related activities. Through education, events, and outreach programs, the society aims to empower students to make informed and responsible choices, promoting overall well-being and a healthy campus culture. It also provides awareness on how to ‘Say no to drugs’.


Teachers: 10

Student members: 100


Date Event No of Teachers No of Students  
12-08-2022 Pledge against Drugs 150 2000  
07-10-2022 Poster Making Competition 6 20  
08-10-2022 Essay Writing Competition 6 25  
02-11-2022 Rally 8 150  
23-11-2022 Mehandi Competition 5 20  
13-01-2023 Awareness campaign in the village 'Chak Sarwan Nath' 2 25  
27-03-2023 Participation in the Marathon 8 100  

Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club at our college stands as a vibrant hub of youthful energy and commitment, dedicated to fostering leadership, community engagement, and social impact. As a dynamic extension of Rotary International, the Rotaract Club provides an invaluable platform for students to channel their enthusiasm into meaningful service projects, professional development, and collaborations that create a positive difference both locally and globally.


Detail of Activity Organizing Agency Date No. of Volunteers Participated No. of Teachers
Activity: Rakhi Celebration
Venue: Red Cross Bal Bhawan Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana
Purpose: Rotaractors spent time with inmates, sang songs, played fun games & distributed sweets and fruits.
Rotaract Club 9th August 2022 7 1
Activity: Plantation Drive
Venue: GCG Campus, Ludhiana
Purpose: Saplings were planted in the college to promote a clean and green environment.
Rotaract Club 20th August 2023 5 2
Activity: Fitness Camp
Venue: Rose Garden, Ludhiana
Purpose: To spread awareness among the general public to take out time from their busy schedule for physical and mental well-being (meditation, aerobics, yoga, and Zumba dance were performed).
Rotaract Club 10th September 2022 49 1
Activity: Cycle Rally on the 115th Birth Anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Ji
Venue: From GCG Campus
Purpose: To promote eco-friendly use of vehicles.
Rotaract Club 28th September 2022 71 5
Activity: Blood Donation in collaboration with Youth Club, NSS, NCC, Bhai Ghaniya Singh Ji Mission Sewa Society
Venue: Govt. College for Girls, Ludhiana
Purpose: To save the lives of those in need.
Rotaract Club 28th September 2022 20 5
Activity: Diwali Celebration
Venue: Red Cross Bal Bhawan & Red Cross Senior Citizen Home Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana
Purpose: Celebrate Diwali with inmates, made rangoli, distributed sweets, and fruits.
Rotaract Club 22nd October 2022 22 2
Activity: Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
Venue: Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar
Purpose: Rotaractors showcased their talents in various activities. The Rotaract Club of GCG won the maximum number of trophies.
Rotaract Club 18th, 19th & 20th November 2022 22 1
Activity: Visit Mother Teresa Orphanage Home
Venue: Mother Home near Jalandhar Bypass
Purpose: Cloth, eatables & items like shampoo, hair oil, & soap, etc were distributed.
Rotaract Club 17th December 2022 9 1
Activity: Online Session on Ethics of Rotaract and RI Dues
Mode: Google Meet
Purpose: To aware rotaractors about working of Rotary and Rotaract, the ethics of Rotaract, and the importance of RI dues.
Rotaract Club 20th December 2022 80 5
Activity: Frosty Fiesta
Venue: Kipps Market
Purpose: A fundraising drive for Soulseed Foundation, Chandigarh Road Ludhiana.
Rotaract Club 25th December 2022 5 1
Activity: Cloth Donation Drive
Venue: Near Bharat Nagar Chownk
Purpose: To help needy people fight rough and cold weather.
Rotaract Club 31st December 2022 3 2

Red Cross Society

The Red Cross Society of our college stands as a beacon of humanitarianism, service, and community engagement. Rooted in the principles of the global Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, this society is a vital embodiment of our college's commitment to promoting social welfare, disaster relief, and health awareness. With its rich history and unwavering dedication to making a positive impact, the Red Cross Society plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of responsibility, empathy, and solidarity among students and the larger community. 

Date of Activity Activity No. of Teachers No. of Participants
13/01/2022 Poster Making and Calligraphy Competition 3 18
06/04/2022 Visit to Old Age Home 3 23
05/04/2022 Universal Religion All teachers of BA All students of RCS and Philosophy Society
09/05/2022 Installation Ceremony All teachers of BA All students of RCS and Philosophy Society
21/06/2022 Closing Ceremony All teachers of BA All students of RCS and Philosophy Society
27/09/2022 Poster Making Competition on Blood Donation 3 25
27/09/2022 Rally on Blood Donation 3 30
27/09/2022 Poster Making Competition on Legendary Bhagat Singh 2 20
28/09/2022 Blood Donation Camp 10 62
28/09/2022 Cycle Rally on Shaheed Bhagat Singh Ji 8 50
28/09/2022 Tribute to Shaheed Bhagat Singh ji 12 75
11/02/2023 Visit to Jeet Foundation 3 28
27/02/2023 Extension Lecture 6 110
02/03/2023 Skill Development Workshop-1 Finishing School incharges 300
13/03/2023 Skill Development Workshop-2 Finishing School incharges 150
16/03/2023 Visit to G-20, Amritsar 2 24
29/04/2023 Closing Ceremony 4 21

Youth Club

The Youth Club of the college envisages engaging, inspiring and empowering our youth to transform them to become self-reliant and independent through following objectives:

  • To provide the students with an atmosphere of creativity and group participation
  • To acquaint young students with our heritage, cultural values and rituals
  • To empower youth to participate and contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation
  • To inculcate feelings of patriotism and nationalism among students participating in various cultural activities at college, zonal, inter-zonal, university and national level
  • To improve the mental, physical, psychological and cultural well-being of young people

To attain these objectives, institutional youth club provides resources, opportunities, skilled people and safe environments that help to foster confidence in youth. By resourcing youth in this way, we believe they discover their true identity and develop strengths, attitudes and strong relationships, which enable them to contribute positively in their communities and to compete at global levels. The club is actively working under the leadership of  Youth Coordinator, Dr. Madhvi Vashishth.                                              

Youth Training and Leadership Camp: 

The purpose of Students to participate in Youth Training and leadership camp is to foster personal growth in highly supportive environment.

Objective: To instill values of team work, individual responsibility, build up confidence and to hone inter-personal skills. To prepare the youth for physical and mental challenges through hiking and trekking.


1) Zonal and Interzonal Youth and Heritage Festival

Date Event Participants Prizes
15-10-2022 to
Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival
Youth Items Participated - 35 
Heritage Items Participated - 26
Team Prize - 39
1st Prize - 16
2nd Prize - 10
3rd Prize - 13
Individual Prize - 8
1st Prize - 2
2nd Prize - 4
3rd Prize - 2
First Runner up Trophy
10-11-2022 to
Interzonal Youth and Heritage Festival
Items Participated - 15
Total Prize - 10
2nd Prize - 2
3rd Prize - 8

2) Inter-College Event

Date Event Participant Prize
10/16/2022 Poem recitation by Ramgharia Girls College, Ludhiana.

Damanpreet Kaur 1st
10/17/2022 District Level Quiz competition by S.C.D Government College, Ludhiana. Manveer Kaur 1st
10/17/2022 Quiz competition by S.C.D Government College, Ludhiana. Damanpreet Kaur 2nd
12/5/2022 Declamation Competition by District Level Competition. Damanpreet Kaur 1st
12/5/2022 Elocution by District Level Competition. Damanpreet Kaur 2nd
1/25/2023 Declamation of Natinal Voter's Day by Govt. College For Girls, Ludhiana. Damanpreet Kaur 1st
1/25/2023 Eassy writing Competition by Govt. college For Girls, Ludhiana. Harneet Kaur Consolation
1/25/2023 Declamation of Natinal Voter's Day by Govt. College For Girls, Ludhiana. Richa Dem 2nd
1/25/2023 Zonal level Declamation by Govt. College For Girls, Ludhiana. Damanpreet Kaur Khanuja 1st
1/26/2023 Hosted Radio talk show on Republic day and broadcasted on 26 January in Radio talk show 90.8 Mhz Fm community Radio by Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Gill road, Ludhiana. Sukhdeep kaur -
Declamation Competition by Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ludhiana.
Richa Dem 2nd
2/11/2023 Mehndi Arya College For Girls, Ludhiana. Neelam 2nd
2/17/2023 AD Mad show by Shri Aurobindo college of commerce and management, Ludhiana. Richa Dem 1st
2/17/2023 National Level Poem competition by Shri Aurobindo college of commerce and management, Ludhiana. Richa Dem 3rd
2/17/2023 AD Mad show by Shri Aurobindo college of commerce and management, Ludhiana. Charu Malhotra 1st
2/20/2023 Quiz by Guru Nanak Girls College, Ludhiana. Tanisha Dhand 2nd
2/20/2023 Bio Quiz by Guru Nanak Girls College, Ludhiana. Prachi 2nd
2/20/2023 Bio Quiz by Guru Nanak Girls College, Ludhiana. Isha sharma 2nd
2/20/2023 Bio Quiz by Guru Nanak Girls College, Ludhiana. Simarpreet kaur 2nd
2/20/2023 Bio Quiz by Guru Nanak Girls College, Ludhiana. Tisha Sharma 2nd
2/21/2023 National Level Poem competition by Devki Devi Jain Memorial College, Ludhiana. Damanpreet Kaur 1st
2/21/2023 Essay writing competition by Devki Devi Jain Memorial College, Ludhiana. Manveer Kaur 1st
2/23/2023 IT Model by Arya College For Boys, Ludhiana. Dharika jain 2nd
2/23/2023 IT Model by Arya College For Boys, Ludhiana. Prachi 2nd
2/23/2023 IT Model  by Arya College For Boys,Ludhiana. Zeenat chopra 2nd
2/23/2023 IT Model  by Arya College For Boys, Ludhiana. Rashi sood 2nd
2/23/2023 Digital model by Arya College For Boys, Ludhiana. Anjali 3rd
2/27/2023 Website Designing by GNIMT, Ludhiana. EKTA 3rd
2/27/2023 Website Designing by GNIMT, Ludhiana. VIRTI JAIN 3rd
2/27/2023 Logo Designing by GNIMT, Ludhiana. VIRTI JAIN 2nd
2/27/2023 Website Designing by GNIMT, Ludhiana. Jessica Nagpal 3rd
2/27/2023 Debugging by GNIMT, Ludhiana. Prerna Jain 3rd
2/27/2023 Debugging by GNIMT, Ludhiana. Rashi Sood 3rd
2/27/2023 Mehndi Competition by GNIMT, Ludhiana. Neelam Consolation
2/27/2023 Cooking without fire by GNIMT, Ludhiana. Bhavya Gupta 2nd
2/27/2023 Cooking without fire by GNIMT, Ludhiana. Ishita kapoor 2nd
2/27/2023 AD Mad showby GNIMT, Ludhiana. Sakshi  Choudhary 1st
2/27/2023 AD Mad show by GNIMT, Ludhiana. Richa Dem 1st
2/27/2023 AD Mad show by GNIMT, Ludhiana. Charu Malhotra 1st


Red Ribbon

The Red Ribbon Club is a youth-led movement that aims to create awareness about HIV/AIDS and to reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV (PLWH). The club was started by the Government of India in 1991 and is now active in schools and colleges across the country. Red Ribbon Clubs have a number of objectives, including Educating youth about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), Raising awareness about the risks of HIV transmission and how to prevent it, reducing stigma and discrimination against PLWH, promoting voluntary blood donation, Encouraging healthy lifestyles. Red Ribbon Clubs have been successful in raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and in reducing stigma and discrimination against PLWH. They have also helped to increase the number of people who are aware of the risks of HIV transmission and how to prevent it.


Year No. of Teachers (Program Officers) No. of Students (Post Bearers) No. of Students (Volunteers)
2022-2023 3 4 54

Gender Champion Club

The Gender Champion Club is a Government sector program conducted by Ministry of Women and Child Development .The broad mandate of a Gender Champion is to provide an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to understand the social and cultural and constructions of gender that shape the experiences of women and men in society. The aim is to make young boys and girls gender sensitive and create positive social norms that value the girls and their rights.


Year Composition No. of Students Enrolled
2022-2023 Program Officers (Teacher) Office Bearers  
 1  1 60

Environment and Swachh Society

Environment and swachh society of Government College for Girls Ludhiana aims to create awareness among students and masses regarding the importance of environment. Various activities like Van Mahotsav, Plantation Drive, Green and Clean Diwali and Cleanliness Drives are organized throughout the session to sensetise students regarding various environmental issues, so as to inculcate in them the qualities of a responsible citizen. Students are encouraged to avoid activities causing environmental degradation and adopt nature friendly lifestyle.


Event Date Venue Description
Van Mahotsav Day  7th July, 2022 GCG Campus The event was graced by principal mam and other staff members. A rally was marched in the premises promoting afforestation. Bountiful saplings were planted in the college garden by respected Principal Mam. 
Ozone day and PPT competition  16th September, 2022 Rusa Seminar Hall  The event took place in the college premises highlighting the significance of the need of protecting the ozone layer. Alongside, the society's installation ceremony took place where all the members were provided with their post badges.
Clean and Green Diwali Rally  17th October, 2022 GCG Campus A rally was carried out in the campus making tutees aware of the importance of playing a safe and clean Diwali in order to protect the environment. 
Diwali Celebration 21st October, 2022  Auditorium An event was held in the college auditorium. The function was inaugurated with an auspicious lamp lightning ceremony by our worthy Principal mam and senior staff members. A couple of performances were presented by eves to grace the occasion.
Essay Writing Competition  20th February, 2023 Zoology Department Essay writing competition was held by environment and swachh society at GCG Campus in zoology lab on 20th Feb 2023 on the topic of ‘Environment issues and road safety’.
Closing Ceremony 13th March, 2023 Auditorium A Workshop was organized on "Vermicomposting techniques and practices" which was delivered by Dr. S.S. Hundal Ji Professor (retd.) former head of Dept. of Zoology PAU Ludhiana on the closing ceremony of environment and Swachh Society. The programme started with the floral welcome of the Guest by Resp. Principal Mrs. Suman Lata ji. Certificates were given to the winners of different activities and also to the office bearers. Last but not least college Principal Mrs. Suman Lata ji thanked the guest and graced the event with her peroration. 
Marathon Run for Environment 27th March,2023 GCG Campus Government college for girls organized a Marathon Run for environment and humanity in which MLA Gurpreet Gogi ji came as chief guest and Principal Suman Lata ji also accompanied the students at the Marathon. 

Student Counselling Cell

The Student Counselling Cell at our college serves as a beacon of support and guidance, dedicated to enhancing the holistic well-being and academic success of our students. With a team of experienced and compassionate professionals, this cell provides a safe and confidential space for students to discuss their concerns, navigate challenges, and develop strategies for personal growth and success.

At the heart of our institution's commitment to student welfare, the Student Counselling Cell understands the multifaceted nature of a student's life journey. From academic stress to personal dilemmas, the cell is equipped to address a wide range of issues, fostering emotional resilience, psychological health, and effective coping mechanisms.


Student Counselling Cell has a committee of 5 student member. Posts are as follow: President, Vice President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer. Students apply for these posts through Google forms with special mention of their academic and extra-curricular achievements. Staff members of Student Counselling Cell mutually select the appropriate candidates for all the above mentioned posts.

No. of Students Registered / Enrolled: Approximately 100 students enroll in Student Counselling Cell per year.


Session Date Activity Resource Person  No. of Students Attended Description
2022-23 8-Oct-2022 Poster Making Competition on the occasion of World Mental Health Day Mrs. Suman Lata, College Principal, was the chief guest for the event 30 The activity was conducted on the theme "Make Mental Health and Well-Being for all a Global Priority" to sensitize the students with various mental health issues and how to handle them effectively.
10-Oct-2022 Rally and Nukkad Natak on the occasion of World Mental Health Day Mrs. Suman Lata, College Principal, was the chief guest for the event 95 A rally and nukkad natak "Zaroori Behad, Mansik Sehat" was organized to sensitize the students with various mental health problems and to understand the importance of having good mental health especially during stressful times.
10-Feb-2023 Shark Tank: The Mental Health Edition Dr. (Mrs.) Shilpa Modi, Psychologist at KK Hospital, Ludhiana. 120 The event, based on reality TV business show Shark Tank, was organized where students presented their innovative business models to cater the need of mental health of the society. The Chief Guest for the event was Dr. (Mrs.) Shilpa Modi, Psychologist at KK Hospital Ludhiana, gave an informative lecture regarding the working of Suicide Prevention Helpline being run in the state of Punjab.
28-Apr-2023 Closing Ceremony Mrs. Suman Lata, College Principal, was the chief guest for the event 5 The Office Bearers of Student Counselling Centre (Session 2022-23) were presented certificates and trophies as a token of appreciation for their efforts and hard work by college Principal Mrs. Suman Lata.


Electoral Literacy Cell

An electoral literacy club is a group that promotes awareness and education about the electoral process. It helps people understand their voting rights and responsibilities.  Moreover, it also encourages active participation in the democratic process. This club organizes various activities such as workshops, seminars, and campaigns to educate individuals about voting rights, electoral procedures and the importance of exercising their franchise. By promoting electoral literacy, this club empowers citizens to make informed decisions and contribute to the democratic functioning of their country.


Date Activity No. of Teachers No. of Students
07-02-2023 Mock Youth Manifesto 12 300
23-01-2023 Poster- making 3 30
09-11-2022 Meeting of Staff and students with district administration 6 10


Energy Club

Energy club has been constituted in the institution as per the instructions of Punjab Energy Development Agency, with the following objectives:

  • To sensitize the students regarding the Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation.
  • To achieve the capacity building of students through awareness programmes.
  • To generate & disseminate awareness for judicious and sustainable consumption of energy.
To achieve the goals extra-curricular activities related to energy conservation and energy efficiency like- slogan writing, rallies, celebration of energy conservation week, energy conservation exhibition etc will be conducted. These measures would not only help in imparting knowledge on energy efficiency but also in its implementation in households and institutions to save energy.

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