National Service Scheme is an Indian Government sector public service program conducted by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of Government of India, the scheme was launched in Gandhiji’s Centenary year in 1969. It provides opportunity to the student youth of India to take part in various government led community service activities and programmes.

At GCG, 3 NSS units receive around 300 NSS Volunteers every year. The volunteers get opportunities to participate and actively contribute towards various drives and initiatives taken by the NSS units. During the session 2022-23,  the NSS (Girls wing) president Shagun Sharma  was selected for the prestigious Pre–Republic Day (PRD) camp. Volunteers (Sejal Sharma, Arshdeep Kaur and Taniya Malkoti) got the opportunity to attend National Integration Camp.

Motto of NSS: "Not Me, But You"

Objectives of NSS:
To develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.

To build the youth with the mind and spirit to serve the society and work for the social upliftment of the down-trodden masses of the nation.

Mission: It is to improve the youth to serve the society and nation and to promote education through community service. Further it identifies the needs and problems of community and finding solution with intent to promote national integration and social harmony.  

Components of NSS:

NSS Programme Officer, NSS Volunteer and Community are considered the three basic components of the NSS.

  • NSS Programme Officer is a member of the teaching faculty who provides necessary leadership to the NSS students.
  • NSS Volunteer is a self motivated college student.
  • Community provides NSS volunteer the first-hand knowledge of living conditions of masses.

Classification of NSS Activities:

NSS activities have been divided in two major groups. These are regular NSS activities and special camping programmes.

  • Regular NSS Activity: Under this, students engaged in various programmes in the college campus. NSS unit organizes visits to Adopted Village and Old age homes during week-ends or after college hours is another activity performed by NSS Volunteers. Further, Dramas and Nukkad Natak are also performed by Volunteers to spread awareness on various burning issues. Hallmark Activities performed by NSS UNIT are as follow:
  1. Blood donation camps
  2. Plantation Drive
  3. Cleanliness Drive
  4. Awareness Campaign
  5. Survey in Village
  • Special Camping Programme: Under this, camps of 7 days duration are organized in adopted villages or college campus during vacation with some specific projects by involving local communities. 50% NSS volunteers are expected to participate in these camps.

Terms of NSS:

Under the NSS Programme any student of the college can opt for NSS provided she is not enrolled in NCC. Volunteers are required to render service for a minimum 120 hours per year under regular activities and are also required to participate in at least one 7 day special camping programme every year. The Special Camping Programme will be treated as separate project and the hours of work put in those programmes will be accounted separately and they will not be included in the 120 hours of normal NSS activities. A, B and C certificates are earned by the students after the completion of first, second and third year of service, respectively.


2022-2023 Program Officers (Teachers) Office Bearers 252
3 27

Session Date Topic of Activity No. of Students Attended Description
2022-23  20.08.2022 VANMOHATSAV 50 NSS Volunteers undertook plantation drive in the view to protect and conserve environment. Teachers highlighted the importance of environment conservation and motivated students to take necessary steps to ensure sustainable development.
28.09.22 BLOOD DONATION CAMP 43 An event was organized to encourage NSS Volunteers to donate blood for the noble cause.
03.10.2022 FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 52 Considering the importance of our health. NSS Volunteers actively performed various fitness activities.
14.11.2022 CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATIONS 27 On the occasion of Children’s Day, NSS Volunteers went to nearby Anganwadis and interacted with children regarding importance of this day and told about Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru’s love with children, they keenly participated in the activity and sung poems too. Tiffins were distributed at the end.
12.01.2022 DRUG ADDICTION AND SWACHH BHARAT 53 Slogan making, Poster making & Essay writing competition was organized on the topic- Drug Addiction & Swachh Bharat. NSS Volunteers prepared effective slogans & posters with a message to curb the excessive usage of drugs among youth. Thoughts were put into words by volunteers & essays were written to promote Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
14-01-23 SURVEY CONDUCTED IN ADOPTED VILLAGE 70 Survey was conducted in adopted village to create awareness among villagers regarding personal hygiene during menstruation.
01.01.23-31.01.23 CLEANLINESS DRIVE AND HANGING OF BIRD FEEDERS 64 To protect and conserve the environment, Bird feeders were hanged in adopted village and Cleanliness drive was run throughout the college.
01-03-2023 SKIT BASED ON ZERO DISCRIMINATIONDAY 30 In Skit NSS Volunteers addressed the grave issue of Racial Discrimination and gave the message regarding the significance of equality in the society. They depicted how racial discrimination is being practiced in the different sectors and how it affects the mental health of individuals prone to such stereotypical behavior.
27-03-23 RUN FOR ENVIRONMENT AND HUMANITY 56 A marathon was organized on Run for Environment and Humanity. Sh. Gurpreet Bassi Gogi, MLA representing the Ludhiana West Assembly was the chief guest and college students & whole staff was part of this marathon. Students made effective posters & slogans with a message to save environment.
21-06-23 YOGA DAY 32 NSS Volunteers enthusiastically participated along with NCC Cadets to celebrate International Yoga Day.

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