Process and Procedures

The institution has standard procedure for augmentation, upgradation and maintenance of the infrastructure for physical, academic and administrative facilities. Various committees give recommendation regarding purchase, repair and upkeep of infrastructure. The policy covers infrastructure and facilities in laboratory, library, sports complex, computers and classrooms. The policy focuses on procuring best services and products on comparatively low market rates.

Procedure for utilization

Requirements submitted by the H.O.D’s, campus committee, H.E.I.S committee and feedback from different stakeholders are taken into the consideration for procurement of the new and maintenance of existing infrastructure.

1. Infrastructure

The construction, maintenance and repairing of physical infrastructure of Govt. College for Girls is done by PWD Civil works, PWD Sanitation, PWD electricity, Govt of Punjab. Whenever a grant is received, the funds are transferred to PWD and infrastructure is developed and maintained accordingly. Routine repair work is done by utilizing funds in the college.

2. Laboratory

Laboratories are upgraded and maintained by utilizing funds available in the departments periodically.. SLA and JLA prepare record of stock, consumption and write off the recurring and non-recurring material under the supervision of concerned HOD’s. Lab attendants take care of appropriate disposal of chemical, hazardous waste and electronic waste. Annual stock verification is done by the concerned committee.

3. Library

In the library, books are arranged in user-friendly manner so as to help the user to locate the books easily. Information regarding the arrival of new books, magazines, journals etc is displayed on the notice board of library. In order to provide speedy and efficient service, library cards are issued to students in the beginning of the session. There is also a facility of N-list program under Inflibnet, where the faculty and students can access all the reference materials online. Also there is a Braille Corner for visually-challenged students.

4. Sports Complex

Head of the Physical Education Department looks after the sports facilities. Rules, recommendations and facilities for sportsperson are decided and implemented by HOD after discussion with principal. The requirements of equipments for playground, gymnasium and sports are upgraded every now and then by utilizing sports funds especially maintained for this purpose.

5. Computers

Recognizing the importance of IT as complementary process in education, the college is committed to upgrade the IT infrastructure and associated facilities on regular basis. The purchase of hardware and up gradation of software is need based. The college administration, in co-ordination with HEIS committee of the college, makes plans and decides strategies regarding this matter.

6. Classrooms

Classrooms are assigned in the time-table according to class strength by time-table incharge. Head of the Departments take care of effective teaching in the classrooms and its infrastructure. Special emphasis is given on allotment of ICT enabled classrooms for regular use by all departments.